[meta-tool] Fwd: Short-turn request for photos or videos of your SARA effort (UNCLASSIFIED)

Robert Griffin rgriffin at ihmc.us
Wed Sep 23 09:12:48 CDT 2020

Please see the below email.

Hakki, if you could distribute to Luke and Brenden, that would be great.
We will talk about this in today's meeting.

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From: Spero, Eric CIV USARMY CCDC ARL (USA) <eric.spero.civ at mail.mil>
Subject: Short-turn request for photos or videos of your SARA effort (UNCLASSIFIED)
Date: Sep 22 2020, at 12:32 pm
To: Sen, Shiraj (GE Research) <Shiraj.Sen at ge.com>, Byron Boots <bboots at cs.washington.edu>, Guoquan Huang <ghuang at udel.edu>, Howard, Thomas <thoward at ece.rochester.edu>, Hao Zhang <hzhang at mines.edu>, Lantao Liu <lantao at iu.edu>, Robert Griffin <rgriffin at ihmc.us>

Greetings, all.
I have been asked to compile a few SARA summary slides for an internal Army briefing.
By end of day tomorrow, please send to me photos and/or videos that highlight your accomplishments thus far (e.g., UGV running in local environment using your planning/navigation/mapping/perception/calibration algorithms, UGV in simulation, etc.). Plan is for me to compile multimedia and promote the goodness of the SARA program as a whole, not to promote one individual performer over another.
If you need me to send a DoD SAFE drop-off request, just let me know.
Thank you,

Eric Spero
Systems Engineering for Autonomous Robotics integration (SEARi)
Combat Capabilities Development Command
Army Research Laboratory
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21005
240.687.7334 (mobile)
410.278.8743 (office)
Typical office hours: 0615-1545 Eastern

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